Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday.

I do know it isn’t Monday. But yesterday was and I’m here to tell you about my weird, weird, really weirder than weird Monday.

Sunday night or early Monday morning I woke up to itchy feet and ankles. I had no idea why but man were they itchy. I noticed the little bit of sun I got on Saturday was mostly gone but the part that was still there was very red. It had been itchy the night before and I thought it was just the sunburn. I slathered Noxzema on my sunburn and feet. No more itchies.

Now I’m not so sure. As Monday progressed different parts of my body would get extremely itchy and very red. I just added more noxzema and I also started taking some Hylands tablets for rash and eczema and that helped too.

But during supper, oh my lands. It was almost unbearable as there was almost no part of my body that didn’t itch. I ate my leftovers with the Noxzema right next to me and when a new spot would itch, I’d slather myself with it.

By the time I went to bed I was no longer itchy at all. Mr. FullCup felt the red places on my feet and ankles and said, “the places that are red are very warm.” I researched all sorts of different things, sugar detox, rashes etc. And nothing sounded like this.

As I was preparing to sleep I noticed my tongue felt very funny and guess what? It was swollen. I’ll admit it kind of freaked me out a little. This morning though it was back to normal, but my lower lip and chin were swollen. It is also back to normal now. Very odd. I still have red patches, but at least they aren’t itchy.

Yesterday also I had the day to myself. That was weird. I dropped all three girls off at school, Catherine because she goes to school and our girls because this week they are taking the achievement tests. I was alone from 8am until about 4pm.

I felt like almost squandering the day away. I could do what I wanted when I wanted. So I did laundry. On laundry day.

Because I’m a squandered like that.


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