Cloudy with a chance of sun

I’d really rather have sun with a chance of clouds.

To clarify a few things about yesterday’s post.

  • Catherine has a saline jel spray for her nose. It was prescribed by a doctor and she has been told to use it every 4-6 hours. She chooses not to.
  • Catherine was also given a container of Vaseline to use in her nose. She chooses not to do this either.
  • I have tried giving her tea, hot water, warm water, and flavored water. She chooses not to drink any of it.
  • Catherine is fully aware of the outcome of her choices and she is also fully aware of the consequences for those choices.
  • Catherine is not my child. I can not make her drink like she is supposed to.  We encourage her to drink water, we set the example of drinking water. I have told her many times the amount of water I drink every day. (average 80 oz of water per day.) She chooses not to drink water even though it is always provided and encouraged and she knows she is supposed to drink it. She knows she is supposed to use her saline spray and Vaseline and she refuses.

We have now entered into another not so fun consequence for her lack of liquid intake. Only this deals with the opposite end, if you know what I mean.

As for her not wanting to go home to China. It isn’t that her home life is terrible. She has a very good life at home in China. However their school system is very different from our American schools. If they are sick in China, they go to school.

Perfection is expected from the students in China. If they miss too many, their teacher is not at all pleased and can be, from a American perspective, mean. Punishments are not a rare occasion for the school systems. In America, you can’t have corporal punishment in the schools, that is not the case in China.  Catherine only wants to stay in America because of our school system. I wonder if her tune would change at all if she was actually being and receiving grades. I don’t know.


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