Losing my mind

You know what makes me lose my mind? I mean really lose my mind?

Commercials. Yes those darn 30-60 seconds of “You not only need this, you REALLY need this and I’m going to tell you why.” Something I was completely oblivious too 5 minutes ago is now the greatest need in my life. Who knew a complete stranger could and would know just what I need before I do. Imagine it!

What really gets to me though is the weight loss commercials. If we are fat, flabby and tired of it, all we have to do, really, is pop this pill, eat these meals (that would bankrupt Donald Trump in a New York  minute) and we will look amazing!

Amazingly thin. And amazingly sculpted. Why we can look just like we spend hours every day at the gym all without leaving our couch.

And people fall for it over and over and over.


People, you don’t get sculpted abs from a pill. Eating Nutrisystem‘s food won’t give you six-pack abs. You have to work for those. And work hard.



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