This has been quite the week and quite honestly it isn’t one I’d like to repeat any time soon. In fact, if given a choice I’d prefer to never have another one like this.

However, I’ve walked this planet enough to know that it really does rain on the just and the unjust and just because it rains now doesn’t mean it won’t rain again later.

I heard a funny saying, “It rains on the just and the unjust, but mostly on the just because the unjust steals the  just’s umbrella.”

I ran to …or more accurately I drove to…Target this evening. Partly because I just needed some time alone but mostly because I needed some milk and eggs. The people in this house seem to think they need and deserve to eat three times a day and without milk and eggs you can’t really make breakfast on “Pancake Saturday”.

I headed immediately to the dollar section looking for some cheap (or should I use frugal?) slip-slops. I had purchased some a few weeks ago, thought one pair was too small so I gave them to my 11-yr old and I kept the larger pair. Which really are too big. I wanted to get a smaller pair again. While I was standing there reaching for the desired slip slops I heard someone call my name. I didn’t recognize the voice so I almost didn’t turn around thinking there was no way they could possibly be talking to me.

It was my friend who lost her son on Monday.  The first words out of my mouth were, “How are you?” Not my most intelligent moment. But you know friends don’t have to be intelligent when their friends are around. It’s what makes friends so great.

We hugged and I told her we were praying for her. She sobbed on my shoulder. I felt like sobbing with her. She told me to hold my girls tightly, I told her to do the same. She asked some questions and then beat herself up for asking.

I told her she was human and not a hypocrite at all. The questions she was asking, some of the statements she made are the very questions and statements every one asks when confronted with tragedy. They were some questions that were asked in my own home on Monday.

It is one thing to tell your 11 year old who is asking, “If God promises to protect those who love and serve Him, why did this happen?”  that the important thing to remember is that God is good no matter what life looks like. No matter what the circumstances we find ourselves in, God is good. His very character is good. He can’t be anything except good. Goodness is His nature. He wears it like a comfortable garment. It is quite another to tell someone in the face of tragedy, who is still gut-raw that she just needs to trust and remember God is good no matter what happens.

There will come a time when she knows it.



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