Boy-ish Conversations make me stubborn

This past Sunday I was manning my post at the Welcome Center when I heard a voice say, “Yeah, well I’m telling dad!” And the following conversation ensued,

“He’s not here.”
“I know. But when he gets here I’m telling. You’re supposed to stay with Scott.”
The girl who spoke first looked at me and said, with all of her 2nd grade wisdom, “Brothers annoy me.”

Now I happen to know she has two brothers and so I asked, “Younger or older?”
“Both. They all just annoy me.”
“Oh. Because they’re boys?”
“Yeah. I’m just going to sit here and wait for my mom.”
“She’s not here either?”
“Did you walk?” I smiled when I asked her this, she lives about 15 miles away. But honestly the joke was lost on her.
“No. My dad dropped us off, he had a service call. He only gets those on Sunday. Never on Monday or any other day, just on Sunday. And it makes me so STUBBORN!”

So what makes you so stubborn?


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