Whose calling, please.

When I was a child my parents attempted to teach me phone manners.  I was taught to say things like “Hello”, “Who is calling, please?”. I was told to never say, “Who is this?” and I was taught to not say who I was when someone who had not had the upbringing I had said, “Who is this?!” I was taught to say, “Who are you calling?”

Which works very well if you remember who you’re calling. I’ve been known to call people and completely forget who I was calling between the r-and the -ing.

A few weeks ago I wrote about a Sunday school class I attended and what I learned about God‘s calling. You can read about that here.  I shared things I had been taught, things I had learned since. I have learned that my calling is to my family first of all.  I am to spend the bulk of my time and energy on my family, not rushing around doing who knows what for who knows who.

Since writing that on April 15, the thought of my calling and living a life worthy has not let me alone.  I have pondered on it often over the last few weeks.  The thought has been there just niggling the back of my mind, teasing me  and then leaving me to wonder more.

Last night though it broke forth and I was able to see it and get it out.  Here is what I wrote,

Ephesians 4 starts with “walk worthy” and the rest of the chapter tells me how. Ephesians 5 starts again telling me how to walk and the rest of the chapter shows me what that looks like. Even though my walk won’t look like anyone else’s walk. He has tailor made my walk for me and me alone. No one else can walk my walk, nor can they tell me exactly how to do it.

Others can walk with me–and I need that! But none can walk it for me. The beautiful thing is when I am walking in a manner worthy and living a life of love and others are beside me doing their tailor made God-walk and we are all mutually edifying each other, No one bragging about their walk. No one complaining that their walk doesn’t look like someone else’s walk. No one complaining that their walk is too hard. Each one is content with their walk and willing to ease another’s burden without passing judgment on why they need a burden eased. We just seamlessly ease into each other’s walks–offering help and encouragement as need and accepting the same from those along our journey. We aren’t “keeping score” and we aren’t helping so others will see us and not so they will owe us. But just because Jesus in us sees Jesus in them.

(In case you’re wondering, I purposely used “Whose calling” and not “Who’s calling”because I know who is calling, but whose calling it is? Will you claim His call on your life? Will you embrace it? )


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