God Smiles

Do you ever have those times when you just know God is smiling at you? Times when things happen and you know it is just because of Him and it has nothing to do with you at all? Times when the fact that He loves you goes way beyond a nice thought in your head and infiltrates your entire being?

Me too. In fact I just had one.

Our pastor and I are polar opposite in personality. He is very detailed, he plans everything. I’m sure he plans on planning. He has plans for his plans, if you know what I mean. I am so not detailed oriented at all. I can focus on details but it usually ends in a headache for me and every now and again I’m forced to jump out of the detail box and run like a crazy freak around the building. Maybe you’ve seen me? This can result in some all in fun teasing.

Every week our pastor has a sermon outline for the administrative assistant to make as well as  power point presentation slides to do. He wants all his lines to match up exactly. I usually know they didn’t quite make it when he hands the outline back with a lot of blue markings on it.

The end of last week our pastor was out of town on a much needed time of relaxing.The week prior he had planned on being gone but that fell through, he still took the Sunday off. So that meant two weeks in a row I did not have to do the outline or the powerpoint slides. Yay me!

This morning I was busy with those (oh and the outline does not mean I have to come with his three points. No, it’s an outline for the bulletin. Complete with fill-in the blanks to keep people from sleeping in the pews) and ack! It’s time to take the girls to piano lessons. Oh ack again, the 11 year is still being taught math, take the younger one and go.

Come back and take the older one.

Each time I left I left in a hurry and thought I’d text the pastor from the stoplight down the hill. Darn light was green. The next light was red though until I got out my phone. I checked the clock on my way back after droping the second girl off and I had approximately 15 minutes to work before needing to head out the door again.

Then God Smiled at me.

I received a text from a good friend and the girls’ piano teacher, “Would you like me to drop the girls off after lessons?”

Bless you, my dear wonderful friend and even more wonderful Friend!

It just made me smile and made my day!


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