Weirder than weird

I mean really weird.

Last Thursday our associate pastor gave me a name to add to our prayer insert for the bulletin. I added it and saved the document. On Friday a lady in our church called and wanted her husband added to the list because he was having surgery this week. I added him, saved the document and printed it.
Those two people were not on the printed insert. I have no idea how they weren’t. I didn’t find out they weren’t on there until Monday morning when I went into to edit the document to get it ready for this Sunday.
On Monday I added them again. I changed the date and changed the names to be prayed for this week. (Every month we make a prayer calendar with attenders names on every day, they are added to the prayer insert every week.) I saved the document.
On Tuesday I did The Pastor’s power point slides and saved them to his thumb drive. I then put the thumb drive in his box in the office. It was gone on Wednesday and I assumed he had it. This morning he asked me for it.  I told him that he had it as I had put it in his box on Tuesday. He said he hasn’t seen it at all.  I searched everywhere in the church for it and couldn’t find it. I texted the other pastor and asked him. He said he gave it to the youth director. I text him and he said he put it in The Pastor’s box.  I got it from The Pastor on Monday, put it in his box on Tuesday and now it’s just gone.
Today I opened the prayer insert document. None of the changes I had made on Monday were still there. smiley: eek The date was changed back to April 29th. None  of the prayer calendar names was correct.  The two names I had added last week and then again on Monday they weren’t there either.
The Pastor told me to email him a copy of the power point slides and he could work on them that way since the thumb drive was AWOL. I didn’t have it on the computer as I saved to the thumb drive since that is where I got the document.
The computers in church are all on a network now and you can share files as long as they are saved on “the cloud”. I hadn’t been able to get it to work the other day but the youth director got it to work today. And what do you know! An old copy of the powerpoint was on there (from a previous week), so I was able to pop out the powerpoint slides again. I saved them to the cloud and raced to The Pastor’s office to tell him he could access the files now through the cloud.
The cloud is not working on his computer right now. (He has a new one.) So off I race again to save it to my computer and email it to him. As I left I told him I thought I deserved some coffee or something for doing this twice. smiley: laugh From the office I emailed it and then went back to his office to make sure he got it. He hadn’t checked yet so I sat down and told him I wasn’t leaving until I knew he had it.
He did.
So weird.

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