Every year around this time I dream of moving out of my house and  into a different one. There is nothing wrong with my house at all, I’d just like to trade it in for a different model. We’ve lived here for almost 11 years and well I know some people would be shocked but I’m tired of it. I have only lived at  one other address for longer than I’ve lived here and I moved out of that place when I was 18. And only lived there 12 years.

I’ve been browsing to see what is out there. I have to say I’m rather disappointed by the latest offerings. In looking through the pictures who really does wall to wall to wall to wall carpet anymore? I saw one picture of a bathroom with a nice jetted tub. And carpet up the side of the tub.


I have carpet in my bathroom currently and hate it. Why do people put carpet in the bathroom? To me that’s just asking for trouble.

And carpet in the dining room? Why on earth?

And really, people, a nice double wide mobile home is still a mobile home.

This picture…now this picture is the stuff of nightmares.



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