Hope Springs

I requested this book and promptly forgot the name of it. It seems I kept getting it confused with that movie…Hope Floats.

Hope Springs is a book about being unified as believers. Hope Springs is a town with two churches, one black and one white. What would happen if they joined forces?

Hope Springs is a book about disappointment with God. What happens we pray about something, God answers the way we want Him to, only to later have it appear He changed His mind and has yanked back His answer?

Hope Springs is written by Kim Cash Tate and is an easy read. The book has 302 pages, that can seem quite daunting but it is a quick read.

There are some “adult” themes in the book that I did not care for. I know people are divorced, have affairs and have pre-marital sex but I do not want to read about it books. I know these behaviors have infiltrated the church. I hate that.

While knowing it exists does mean it is okay to read about it and I choose not to.

I received this book free from the publisher for the purpose of review.


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