Getting Myself Organized.

I know it’s supposedly bad “karma” or “dogma” or maybe “katma” for you to write more than one blog post a day but it’s my blog and I’ll write when I want. And I want.

Do you remember my post here about getting love in my mailbox? I received a boatload of books (5) from my friend Kathi Lipp. I’ve actually stopped thinking about her as my “friend”, I’ve moved on to thinking about her as my secret “twin” separated at birth.

I just read her latest offering, “The Get Yourself Organized Project, 21 Steps to Less Mess and Stress.” Anyone who knows me at all knows I am not the most organized person on the planet or make that the universe, no, better make it galaxy. (I blogged about it here.) Flit, fly or meander through life by the seat of my pants.  I don’t often ever, usually make anything resembling a “To Do List“. You might think this is a bit sacrilegious of me but I think it is sacrilegious or to put bluntly, lists are of the devil.

I mean really, do you think God made a To Do List when He created the world? “Let’s see, Day One I am supposed to create light. LIGHT! Okay that’s done.” and He slapped His palms together a few times and went and took a nap?

I work for a man who is very detailed and always makes a To Do list and thinks everyone should do the same.  So I bought the above notepad as a joke. I did use it a few times. The pad has one side “Do it now” and on the other side, “Do it later”. I joked with Mr. FullCup that anything The Pastor gave me to do would automatically go on the “Do It Later” side.  As I thought about the pad I wondered why put anything on the Do it Now side, why not just do it now and forget writing it down?

As I was reading Kathi’s book I was tickled beyond belief to see that some of the suggestions she gave as a non-organized, organized person were things I had already done. Wahoo! I’m more organized than I originally thought.  I even made some notes in the margin on things I need to do. Like put our CDs back in the doors of the entertainment center.

She says to “Shake out area rugs, vacuum the carpet or floor, and give the windowsills a once-over. Just below that I had to write, “Oh yeah! The windowsills. DUH.

She goes on to elaborate:

My for cleaning windowsills is to go over them with a rag and some cleanre once or twice a month. But once a year, when they’re looking dingy, I just repaint them–only the windowsills, but it freshens up the whole room.


If you’re thinking you’re hopelessly disorganized and there is no hope for you, if you think you are light years from any type of organized life, If you and organized are polar opposites, you have to get this book! Kathi writes not as one who is naturally organized but as one who has learned some tips to be organized and it works. Her plans/thoughts/ideas work because she has learned how to make organization work for her and not her for the organization.

If you only buy one book this month, buy this one!

(I won a free copy of Kathi Lipp’s book “The Get Yourself Oganized Project” through the author’s blog. I wrote a review by choice.)


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