This might be a rant.

Because I might be in the mood.

I heard this morning on the radio about a church across the state from me who helps pastors in India. They were sharing a need the Indian pastors had. The need was for school supplies for the children of India. School supplies they had to buy  for school but the families did not have the funds to provide them.

They started sharing that by saying “We woke up in a warm bed. You wasted a lot of hot water getting ready for your day. You drove in ONE of your cars to go to work.”

They laid the guilt on thick. And I say NO MORE. The Bible clearly states that God determines our boundaries. He determines where we are born. Am I saying God loves me more than He love the people of India because I was born in the United States of America and not in India?

Not at all. I’m not saying that because I don’t believe it. Not for an instant. I have been blessed by God and I am not opposed at all to share the blessings He has given me.

However, I am completely opposed to those who think the way to get money is to guilt trip Christians into giving. The Bible clearly states God loves a CHEERFUL giver. One who gives from the heart and not out of compulsion. In other words, no one is telling you that you HAVE to give.

The Bible also very clearly states if a man (woman) doesn’t work they don’t eat.That is not a principle just for Americans. Know how I know that? America wasn’t discovered yet.

A few years ago I was attending the Global Leadership Summit and heard a man from Africa speak to this very thing. He said the way to help the starving in Africa was NOT to send them money hand over fist. It was, according to him, to give them work. Teach them skills they could use to earn a living. America it seems is not the only country with an entitlement mentality problem. Apparently the world over when people realize they can get money by NOT working they opt for the easy way and don’t work.

So the answer is not to throw money, it’s not to guilt people into   giving, it’s to teach the poor around the globe to work. Teach them a marketable skill and let them provide for themselves. And watch everyone’s economy grow.

I will not be made to feel guilty for owning a house, car (yes, we have one car), and having hot water. I will not be made to feel guilty because God choose America as my place of birth.


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