I was invited to attend a Celebrating Home Girls Night Out party last night. It was fun. It has been a few years since I attended one of those parties. The displayer (almost said “Consultant” and that would be wrong) talked about giving our walls a facelift.

I don’t know about you but my walls could use some attention. The pictures I have up have been there since we moved into the house 11 years ago. In the same place even. But pictures are so expensive and I find it hard to spend the money on something that is just going to hang on my wall. I might as well wallpaper with Benjamin Franklins.

But what if we could give our walls a facelift that would also uplift our spirits? What if we could update our walls with art that will bring our focus back where it belongs?

Dayspring has just such art.  I know I know, you thought they were just for cards. Not at all. You should check out their website. They have tons of great gift ideas and things for your home. Things that will bring your focus back to The Dayspring.

I have the above picture in my living room. And we all love it! It is a constant reminder of who blesses us. It is constructed in a light weight metal. You can read more about it here. And while you’re there reading, why not just click “Buy Now”.


(I received a free wall art from Dayspring for the purpose of review.)


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