Read This One!

In my down time I love nothing more than to sit down and read a good story. I might sip some coffee or water but if the story is intriguing that is soon forgotten in favor of drinking of the words on the page.

Every now and again I come across a book that is just beautiful. The plot, the climax, the characters and the character of the book are just top-notch. Books like this make me want to do nothing at all but read and I always feel more than a little sad when I’ve finished the book.

The Anniversary Waltz by Darrell Nelson is just such a book. In fact it chronicles the love relationship that stretched 60 years between a man and his wife.  Sixty years! A lifetime to be sure. A marriage lasting 60 years today is almost unheard of. Some marriages anymore might not last 60 days or 60 weeks or even 60 months.

The story starts in 1946 with an American GI returning home to Montana from World War II. Adam Carlson soon meets Elizabeth Baxter, niece of the mayor and girlfriend of Nathan Roberts.

Now I’m pretty much going to refuse to tell you much more about the story except to say, “You have to read this book!” If you want a good story, read it. If you want to lose yourself in a book, lose yourself in this one.  If you want to read a beautiful love story in which not everyone is filthy rich and perfect, read this one!  If you want to read a historical book that is about people who actually lived, read this one! If you want a book that will inspire to you to hang in there, read this one.


3 thoughts on “Read This One!

  1. Darrel Nelson says:

    I would just like to thank you for taking the time to read and review The Anniversary Waltz. I am so glad you enjoyed my novel. I appreciate the kind words in your blog.

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