You know, every now and again a book keeps coming to your attention and you keep rejecting it until finally you can reject it no more. So you find yourself reading this book you’ve passed over so many times. You’re sure you won’t like the book. You have the “why bother” attitude.

And then you’re sucked into the good book vortex and you have no hopes of ever getting out alive. I just read such a book.

Bet you couldn’t have guessed that, right?

If you are debating reading Mondays with My Old Pastor by Jose Ruis Navajo, please, debate no further and read the book!

Jose Ruis Navajo is a young pastor who is really struggling with every aspect of ministry life. His wife encouraged him to speak to his hold pastor.  Now I do need to interject here a moment and let you know the use of “old pastor” is not at all derogatory, but is in reference to his being older and a former pastor.

He calls his old pastor and sets up a time to visit on Monday. Without really the real situation Jose was dealing with he spoke to every aspect of the struggle.

They meet for several weeks and there is a chapter for each Monday. And each one will have you reaching for your pen, or pencil as you underline great truths you’ve known for years but never really thought of it that way.

There are a million quotes I could post here but I want you to read the book. So I’ll just give you one.

“My life has sprung forth from the shade of the cross. I have always lived protected by it, and I want the cross to be the ladder that lifts me up to His presence when my times comes.”

Honestly, dear readers, you need to read this book!

I received this book free from the publisher which in no way affected my positive review.



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