I often buy books because I know the author. I’m sure you do as well. You’ve read at least one book by a certain author and find more by the author, so you automatically pick up a book and dig in only to find it isn’t at all like the other books you’ve read. You find yourself disappointed.

I just experienced that. I have long been a fan of Neta Jackson. I read all of her Yada Yada series and most of them I’ve read several times. I have read her House of Hope Series too and enjoyed them just as much.

I just read her book, Lucy Come Home. It is so different from her other books. I found it hard to get into and it seemed very dark.

Lucy Come Home is the story of Lucy, the homeless lady from the House of Hope series. She is the daughter of migrant farm workers. Lucy is hired by her father’s boss to work in his store and help his wife.

But after an unfortunate turn of events, Lucy and a friend are on the run. As an older lady, alone she finds Hope House.

I have to be honest, and since this is my blog and my review, I can be. I did not care for this book. Neta Jackson’s other books, I loved. This one, not so much.


I received a free copy of this book from the publishers for the purpose of review.


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