I’ve never been a huge C.S. Lewis fan. I know, I know. Shoot me now. I just really have a hard time getting into his books. I’ve read the Chronicles of Narnia and they aren’t bad, but I could just as well read something else.

James Stuart Bell compiled a book entitled From the Library of C.S. Lewis, Selections from Writers who Influenced His Spiritual Journey. It is a fascinating read. Now lest you as confused as I was, this is not a collection of Lewis’ writings. This is a collection of writers C.S. Lewis read.  Authors such as George MacDonald, Julian of Norwich, Dorothy Sayers, St. Augustine, George Herbert and Edward Young and others.

The book reads much like Tozer, and by that I mean I had read and re-read several portions because it was so deep and heady.  The book is packed full of truth and if it was applicable to C.S. Lewis I can guarantee it is just as applicable to us today.

You have prompted him, that he should delight to praise You, for You have made us for Yourself and restless is our heart until it comes to rest in You. Grand me, O Lord, to know and understand whether first to invoke You or to praise you; whether first to know You or to call upon You.” ~St. Augustine

Our God is one, or rather very Oneness, and mere unity, having nothing but Itself in Itself, and not consisting ( as all things do besides God) of many things. In which essential Unity of God, a Trinity personal nevertheless subsists, after a manner far exceeding the possibility of man’s conceit. ~ Richard Hooker

If you enjoy reading classic literature, you will love this book!


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review


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