Angela Hunt has written a book about sisters. Five Miles South of Peculiar is a book about three sisters, twins Darlene and Carlene and their younger sister, Magnolia or Nolie for short. Darlene and Carlene might be twins but they are nothing alike, they don’t look alike and they don’t act/react alike.

Carlene left their small town of Peculiar, FL (not a real town) for Broadway. She claims to never have made stardom but those in Peculiar aren’t buying it. An accident caused her to lose her voice and she is left bereft of what life holds for her. She returns to Peculiar for her and Darlene’s 50th birthday party.

Darlene always felt as if she was living in Carlene’s shadow. She had to sacrifice her wants and desires for Carlene to work on her voice. To say she is resentful is an understatement.

Nolie has her own heartaches. She was left at the altar and is still living in mourning.

Each girl has their own pain and expectations of each other. What will happen when they live together again after 30 years?  Can they learn to live together and love each other again?

This book has all the components of a great story. You will laugh uproariously in places and sob uncontrollably in others.  It is the perfect book to read while sipping southern sweet tea this summer.


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