Ride ’em, cowboys.

I grew up with a horse crazy older sister. It seemed she was forever reading horse books, The Black Stallion, Misty of Chincoteague, Misty’s Foal, you name it. If it had to do with horses she read it. My oldest child is just like that. She has devoured horse books, has horse posters and figurines. I’m sure she dreams in horse too.

I have friends with horses, in fact one friend is Dean Gorsuch. You might know the name, he is the World Champion Steer Wrestler from 2006 and 2010. He knows a thing or fifty about horses. 

When I saw the opportunity to read Kitty McGregor’s book, Ride of a Lifetime, about horses, rodeo and all things western, I jumped at the chance. I was excited as I downloaded the book to my nook.

Ride of a Lifetime is the story of former rodeo bull rider, Lucas McCade. Lucas is trying to do the right thing, trying to be a family man, there for his wife and teenage son.  He moves them from Texas to Oklahoma so he can work on a ranch.

The story is gripping and for the first paragraph on the first page I was hooked. I was exhausted when I began reading it one night and I stayed up a lot later than I should have. The storyline is good. There were a few places I thought “what? I’m not sure that’s possible.” But I didn’t let it deter me from reading.

There are things about the book I don’t like at all. Some of the language was deplorable. I know, I know, farmers (and just people in general) talk that way. To me it is rude and offensive. And I most assuredly do NOT want to read it in a supposedly Christian book. I know, I know, they have to “keep it real”, nothing has to be THAT real. There are a million or more words that would adequately express the thought. Use them.

Also, satan worship is mingled throughout the book. I was not expecting that and didn’t think that added to the story line at all.  Without that and the coarse, rude, offensive language it would have been a very good book.

I give this book 2 turning pages.


I received a free copy of this book from Book Sneeze for the purpose of review.



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