This one here, this one be good!

I feel a bit like Bob Roll here. “Ohhhh I have the perfect route!!”  Only in my case it’s not a route, it’s a book.

I have long been a reader of all things Terri Blackstock. She is one of those writers I have to read when I see she has a new book out.  Except I just found out the book I thought was new, isn’t. It’s a repackaged book. Well it’s still new to me.

Paul Holbrooke is a billionaire many times over. His son, Jack, is a pilot and has asked to be left out of Paul’s will and instead to donate the estate and Jack’s inheritance to Christian charities.  Jack’s wife dies weeks after giving birth to their twin daughters, Lizzie and Kara. When the twins are three, Jack remarries Amanda. Within six months Paul, his wife (who I believe is unnamed) are being flown by Jack to a wedding. Only they never arrive. Their plane crashes killing all of them.

Paul’s will leaves everything to Jack and since Jack does not die until hours after his parents, he inherits it. He leaves everything to Amanda and has asked that she take care of his children. Of course she agrees.

Only the day of the funeral, Eloise and Deke, Jack’s first wife’s parents, show up expecting to take the girls home with them as their closest living blood relative. Amanda battles it out, the adoption has been put in motion but had not yet been completed. Ultimately she loses the girls who spend the next fifteen years living as poverty stricken, abused children when they are heiresses to a vast fortune.

The spiritual implications in this book are staggering. I couldn’t help but think over and over, “Man! I live just like they do! I have a vast inheritance and I’m choosing to live the lie.”

This book was for me a fresh smack between my eyes with a 2×4. The book smacks of God‘s forgiveness, grace, mercy and great love for all of us. Even when we refuse to believe Him, even when we say we want nothing to do with Him. Even when we willfully choose our own path. He is there when we come to our senses and come back to Him. He showers us with more goodness, more of Himself and everything that is ours by right.

Honestly, dear readers, you MUST read this book. It’s Covenant Child by Terri Blackstock. It is a novel but it will change your life. I guarantee you that.

(I received a free copy of this book from Book Sneeze for the purpose of review.)




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