Jesus loves…

I’ve been reading and commenting  on facebook about the whole Chick-Fil-A (CFA) Appreciation Day this morning. I’ve been greatly saddened and angered by those well-meaning people who think it is all a big no-no.

I’ve voiced my opinion on facebook and I had every intention of spewing more of it here, just in case someone was asleep when I said it the first time.  I was going to say just how wrong everyone else was about the issue, while touting my rightness.

Then I realized I was no better than anyone else. I was choosing to use my platform as a means of telling everyone who dared to disagree with me how intolerant they were.

And maybe they are. But when I think about it, how am I being any different? If I come here to bash others, even other Christians, those precious souls who claim to love and follow my Jesus, am I being like Jesus to them? Am I loving them like He loved?

I’m not at all saying we shouldn’t, or that we can’t, point out to people where they might be wrong, or where they are wrong. We have to. We are commanded in Scripture to do that. But when our attitude is less than what it has to be, we are not commanded to zip our lips.

My thoughts might be valid and might at some point in time, need expressed but today is not the day.  And it won’t be the day until I can with a clear, conscience say it without any malice.

It is quite possibly one of my deepest desires to not be pharisaical. I don’t want to hold someone to a standard I’m not willing to hold myself to, I don’t want to hold others to a list of do’s and don’ts. I don’t want to make Jesus out of reach for those who don’t agree with me.  I want those in the church and outside of the church to know that while I won’t overlook, tolerate or condone sin, I will check myself before spouting my rightness and your wrongness with an attitude that is anything but right.


3 thoughts on “Jesus loves…

  1. Sally Duncan (@abreakfromlife) says:

    “point out to people where they might be wrong, or where they are wrong. We have to. We are commanded in Scripture to do that.”

    Really? I just don’t see that at all. That would explain why we’re on opposite sides of this one, haha. 🙂

    • myfullcup says:

      If we are not supposed to confront sin. If we aren’t called to be light in dark, sinful places, then why on earth do we have any need of a cross? Please tell me where in the Bible you read that we are not supposed to confront sin.

  2. silver account says:

    Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house right 🙂 If only we would worry about ourselves first. This post is beautiful, and as a proud lesbian and lover of jesus and also a lover of Chick-fill-a I support this post. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone’s got one. Do I agree with his, nope, will I think twice next time I’m craving a sweet tea where to get it from, yup. But that’s my right, just as its his right to not agree with my lifestyle. My lost revenue will speak for me, and when I lay my head down at night will I pray for him. Absolutely, because Jesus told us to love each other, he didn’t say judge each other. We should focus on ourselves, as you stated, and tend our own garden, not others.

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