Song of the BrokenHearted.

Does it ever feel like the world is against you? Your life is going along nicely and then you find out your son is suspended from the high school football team because he failed a drug test? And your husband starts working long hours and not telling you much of anything about the why of that? Except to say “please don’t use the credit cards.” Then you find out your husband’s business is in trouble and is in fact failing.

You started rich and within weeks you’re broke. Your daughter was planning a marriage to  the man of her dreams and then she calls it off.

You’ve broken free of your family and your past only to find yourself right back with them.

That is exactly where Ava finds herself in the novel by Sheila Walsh and Cindy Martinusen Coloma.  Can Ava cling to her God in the midst of her world falling apart?

This book drew me into its story from the first sentence. I read most of it in one evening, staying up later than I should.  The story is great, although at times I found it incredibly predictable. Towards the end, I was saying, “C’mon. Get it over with already!” as it really seemed to drag on.

The underlying theme of the book though, is forgiveness and redemption. I love that theme. The theme says no matter what there is love, there is forgiveness and there really is a restoring what the locusts have eaten.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.


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