Still Got It.

Liz Curtis Higgs has done it again. She has written a book that is life-changing, not just because she’s an incredibly talented author, (she is!) but because she combines her great talent with her Greater God.

Her latest offering is a book/Bible study on the book of Ruth, The Girl’s Still Got It. It is almost a phrase by phrase study of the biblical book of Ruth.

This book opened my eyes to this short, sweet little book in the Old Testament. I learned things I hadn’t known before, and many things I hadn’t thought of being possible.

For example, the word/phrase “kinsman-redeemer” is the same word translated as Avenger (of blood)  in Deuteronomy.   For some reason that thought won’t leave my mind. I like it.

The book of Ruth isn’t just a love story; it’s the love story. It’s a picture of God wooing His bride, drawing her into His embrace, and whispering words of comfort and assurances. You’re Mine. You’re safe. No one can take you from My side. It’s God revealing His steadfast nature through Boaz, an earthly ancestor of His beloved Son.

Maybe that’s the simplest definition of faith: sitting tight. Waiting without fretting. Trusting without second-guessing. Believing without demanding proof.

If you’re looking for a great Bible study, I can’t help but highly recommend you “Take a walk with Ruth and the God who rocked her world” Which just happens to be the sub-title of this book.

To whet your appetite, watch the video below.


I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review from Waterbrook Press.


2 thoughts on “Still Got It.

  1. Sugel says:

    The book of Ruth carries within its pages some of the most fundamental and powerful doctrines of the kingdom. It speaks of and symbolically demonstrates God’s redeeming power; it teaches us of how we can access that power and exemplifies how we should emulate our Redeemer. Numerous elements of the story serve as a type of Christ. It is about hope in Israel. I believe that some of the reason we love the story so much is because, whether we realize it or not, our souls intuitively resonate with the redemption of Ruth; we long for what happened to her on a mortal level to happen to us in both a mortal and eternal way. Ruth satisfies some of our soul’s yearning for deliverance. It highlights our reasons for hope. We often sense this message without picking up on its full development.

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