I have issues.

It’s true. I do. I have them in abundance. At times my issues prevent me from living life the way I desire and the way God intended.

I tend to hide my issues just as you hide your issues. I am adept at hiding myself behind a plastic smile, claiming my life is one big party while at the same time I’m dying for you to see the real mess and enter into it with me and hopefully help me make some sense out of the mess that is my life.


Yeah you knew that was coming.

But…you’re too busy hiding the mess that is your life behind plastic smiles while desperately wanting me to see the real you, the you that you hide deep inside because if I only knew the real you and you knew the real me we would know we all have issues.  And when we realize that, deep inside realize that we find the hope and healing we crave.

When we stop hiding our issues, when we admit and realize we have them we can enter into the healing process God offers. We can find that it’s okay to be real, to let others see the us we try to hide. Maybe, just maybe, others will find that hiding doesn’t work and it doesn’t feel good.

Nicole Unice is a Christian counselor, ministry leader, Mom and wife (not necessarily in that order). Nicole is also the author of the book, She’s Got Issues. Don’t let the word “she” confuse you. The “she” in the title isn’t your best friend, your sister, your mother, your mother-in-law, your neighbor, your neighbor’s mother-in-law, it isn’t the waitress at Dennys, it isn’t the checker at the grocery store who can’t seem to stop popping her gum and chatting with other employees.

No. The “she” in the title is, drum roll please…….you. Yes, you are the she the book is written for. I am the she the book is written for.

Nicole talks about issues like: anger, fear, insecurity, control, and unforgiveness.  She spends two chapters on each issue and includes a check list/quiz for you to take to help you determine the role that issue plays in your life.

Chances are you don’t have all the issues to any great extent. But you will have at least one and parts of some of the other ones.  (If you take the quizzes and find you have no issues, take your pulse, you might just be dead.)

At the end of each chapter is a short devotional to help you dig deeper into what God has to say about the issue.

Tyndale House has done a remarkable job on the book and also producing a 6-8 week DVD driven Bible study as a companion to this book. Nicole leads the study and I have to tell you, it is excellent. The content is top-notch and the video is high quality.  This is not something you’d be ashamed to offer your ladies group or Sunday school class.

One of the best things about this book is the fact that Nicole constantly turns you to Jesus.  Scripture is peppered throughout the pages. Nicole does not give you a 3 or 5 step plan for getting past your issues, she points you, instead, to the Only One who can work with you through your issues. She points you to the only place to find true, peace, rest and healing for your troubled soul.

If you’re tired of being driven by your need for control, by your fear, insecurity or anger this book is definitely for you! If you want to experience the full life God offers and desires for each one of us. This book is really for you!

So grab a couple of girlfriends, because you know they also have issues, get the book, the dvd and study. See what God can do with your willing heart.

I received a free copy of this book and dvd from Tyndale House for the purpose of review.


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