Don’t you know

Last night I had a million thoughts swimming around in my head. I contemplated getting up and jotting them all down only I knew once I turned on the computer I would become instantly awake. So I stayed in bed and fell asleep instead.

All those thoughts seem to have run screaming from my head. I have nary a thought.

Other than of my poor aching head.

Allergies. Allergies are or will be the death of me.  Between the ones that affect my sinuses and the ones that affect my skin..I’m a walking allergy factory.  Spring and Autumn seem to the worst for me although I suffer all year. If the allergen isn’t outside, it’s inside.

I saw yesterday on that Alaska had snow already. And I longed to live there. This time of year I find myself longing for the first good, hard freeze and if Alaska had it already why not move there?

Then I remember 6 months of near darkness and proclaim loudly, “Not for me, thanks!” I need sunshine. It’s a good thing I live in the greatest state on the plains where we get a lot of sunshine.



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