The Mustard Seeds (pt. 1)

The Mustard Seeds, by Karen Mueller Bryson, is a story of faith, hope and perseverance. You will follow 16-year old  Elliot White on a journey involving his aunt, Amaryllis Long; a fourteen year old  Navajo girl, Hope Lovejoy, fifteen year old Leopard Woolsey, Wallace Jones and Mustard Seeds.

I am 12-years old and quite enjoyed the book. Elliot and his friends form a band but they cannot find a place to perform. Their school’s principal, Mr. Winters, is willing to strike a deal. The kids work hard and accomplish a great feat, winning over Mr. Winters and performing at the school.

A few things bothered me about the book, however,

  • Elliott’s Aunt Amaryllis seems to deviate from a more Protestant relationship with Jesus that I am used to.
  • The teenagers deliberately hide the fact that they are raising money for the performance from Mr. Winters, which seems wrong to me.

Overall, I quite enjoyed The Mustard Seeds and would recommend it as a good book.


(We received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.)



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