Knowing God

It’s Fall. Have you thought of what Bible study you’re going to start?  If you haven’t started one, I would love to recommend one to you.

The Power of Knowing God by Kay Arthur is a six week study with no homework. Now if you’re doing the study alone, of course the whole thing is homework, but if you’re doing it with a group, it is designed to be done all together with the group. 

It says it is a 40 minute Bible study, but if you are doing it with a group, there is no way you can get it all done and discuss anything at all in 40 minutes. I would highly suggest if you do this with a group that you plan on taking at least 2 weeks per lesson.

This will work well if your small group is a Sunday school class and your church rotates classes every quarter.

I enjoyed the study as I did it on my own. I will say I struggled to get it done in 40 minutes. If you’re not familiar with Kay Arthur’s method of studying, she is the Bible marking queen. She gives you the passage (and in this study the verses are printed off in the margins) and then tells you what words to mark and how.   I love to write and mark in my Bible but the markings Kay wants you to do gets a little tedious to me. I find myself focusing more on marking and getting all the words marked than in really hearing what the passage is saying.

Having the passage written in the margins is perfect if you’re doing the study with someone who is either searching or is a new believer and not able to find the passages easily. However, if the latter is your situation, it might also be a good idea to use your Bibles so they become familiar with finding the different passages and plus then you are able to view it in it’s context.

So if you’re looking for a new study to do alone, with your Bible study friends, or with a Sunday School class, check out this study! It might be just what you need.


I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.


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