How I live

This past Summer my girls and I were forced out of our home by the plumbing in my home. We traveled a few hours east to my sister-in-law‘s  house and camped out there for two weeks. Since I never leave home without a book, I took several with me. One was a book by Liz Curtis Higgs. It was a Bible study on the life of Ruth, the Moabitess (you can read my review of it here.)

When I finished that book, and some other non-fiction books, I started browsing the reading plans on YouVersion. I love YouVersion. I have the app on both my smart phone (that is occasionally decidedly not smart) and my nook tablet.  When I saw they had a plan to read the Bible completely through in 90 days, I was excited.

I immediately started the plan and as of right now, I am almost finished. Don’t let the “read through the Bible in 90 days” shock you, using YouVersion’s plan, you actually read through the Bible in 88 days. Every 30 days they give you a day of rest and have no scheduled readings.

I know why they do this,but really it’s completely unnecessary. I skipped the last day off and just adjusted the dates.

I have read through the Bible several times over the past years. For some reason though this one has really opened my eyes. It’s not the plan, but the Spirit who planned for me to read at this time.

Several things hit me afresh. I didn’t necessarily learn anything new but I have realized a new important truths. Truths I had either forgotten or just completely ignored.

One of those truths is how important how I live my life in Jesus really is. There are those who say, “Don’t worry, if someone chooses not to accept Jesus, they aren’t rejecting you. You aren’t responsible for their choice.” Which is true to an extent.  If I am sharing the gospel with someone and they choose not to place their trust in Jesus and His sacrifice for them, if they choose not to believe Him, I am not responsible for that.

But I am held responsible for how I live my life. I bear a huge responsibility to be the aroma of Christ in the world. I am to show His love, His light, His presence to the world.

If I am not living like I should, the world will notice and I will be held responsible. If the world sees me living just as they live, doing just what they do, how is my light shining? How am I showing them a better way? How am I showing them the hope I have? The joy I have? 

I’m not. I’m hiding my light under a bushel.

I find it so hard to be consistent. To always live like I believe I am a loved, chosen, adopted child of God. There are times and days my flesh jumps up and takes over.

I find it to be a very fine line between being real in my struggles and desiring to appear perfect in the eyes of those around me. If the world knew I struggled with an issue, and it came out, would that in any way mar their perception of Jesus?  If I hide my sinful struggles will they ever think they are worthy to come to Jesus for healing?

I need to just live my life, struggles and all, in front of the world in such a way that they don’t see me, they see my Father.  I need to know that I have to live my life differently. I am free to enjoy all of life in Christ, but if in my freedom and in my choices, I offend someone, or cause them to stumble, if my choices cause another to have a bad taste about Christians in their mouth, I am sinning.

Just as an ambassador for the United States represents the United States in other countries, I represent Jesus in how I live.

It’s a heavy responsibility and one that requires daily, moment-by-moment, prayer. A responsibility that can only be accomplished with Him. I can not do it alone.


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