I’m wondering this morning, as I have for the past several mornings, what in the world is wrong with capitalism?

When I was a child, if you wanted a ribbon at the track meet, you had to go out there, work hard and be better than all the other kids competing against you. If you wanted spending money, you had to go out and get a job.

I had my first job when I was in the 3rd grade. I was a page at our local library. I didn’t earn much but it sure helped to keep me in my candy habit. When I was older my sister got a paper route, to keep her in candy. I only was paid for the days I actually hauled my sorry carcass out of bed and helped her.

She was loaded, way more loaded than I ever was with my library page job (which really didn’t last long, darn pesky detention!), but I wasn’t allowed to “freeload” on her good graces.

And I didn’t think it was  bad thing! I still don’t!

My own children right now babysit for my Wednesday morning Bible study.  They each earn $5 for sitting with children. But guess what? If no children come, they sit  by the church’s fire place and work on school. They earn nothing for that time. Why? Because they aren’t working.

The beauty of America has been capitalism. Anyone is free to work hard, earn a buck or 2 or 500 million and live in big fancy houses, drive big fancy cars.

I haven’t worked that hard. I haven’t built a business from the ground up. But I know I am free to do just that! And so are you.  I am free to become one of the wealthy elite.

I am also just as free to sit here, be lazy and not earn a dime.

I am most assuredly NOT free to expect those who have worked long and hard to get where they are, to get a few  bucks in the bank, to support me. To allow me to wallow in my laziness.  I am also not free to villainize them because they did what I choose not to.

So instead of decrying John Schnatter (Founder and CEO of Papa Johns), and others like him, let’s decide to work hard. To earn what we need/want.

There is such pride in knowing you “did that”! When we work hard, earn our paycheck, there is a pride of ownership. We are confident that we can conquer the world.

So as for me, right now, I’m off to conquer!


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