A Wreath of Snow

Gordon Shaw was drunk years ago, when he threw a curling stone and injured a young boy.  A few years later he left home, shunned and alone.

Years later Gordon finds himself again in his hometown, Stirling, praying to get in and out before anyone recognized him. He almost made it. He is on the train bound for Edinburgh when he thinks the lady sitting across the aisle from him looks familiar. He finds out her brother is the one he injured.

He has been dying to make things right for this family. It’s Christmas Eve and he’s sure he has a God-given chance to accomplish that. He befriends the girl, Meg, but he can’t seem to get his full name out, a name that he is sure will make her turn her back on him.

I’m telling you one more thing about the book, except to say the author, Liz Curtis Higgs, has done it again! I tell you, I can’t get enough of her books. Liz is definitely one of those authors I just know I’ll love whatever book she pens.

A Wreath of Snow, by Liz Curtis Higgs, is a Victorian Christmas novella, set in 1894 Scotland. You can see in the graphic above that cover is stunning.  The book is hardback, published by Waterbrook, Multnomah Press.

I can not think of a single thing I didn’t like about the book. I try and keep all “romancey” type books away from my 12 year old, I know she’s getting to that age, but I’m not wanting to open the door wide for her yet with the whole boy/girl meet/fall in love, scenario yet.

However! While this book is a romance story, the romance is so light as to almost not even be noticed, I would give this book to her to read and not have a second thought about it.

(I received this book from the publisher for a honest review.)


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