Lovelier Than Daylight

Lovelier Than Daylight by Rosslyn Elliott is the third book in the Saddlers Legacy. Susanna is on her way to Otterbein College when she stops to check on her sister. Only her sister is not at home. Neither are her sister’s children.

But her sister’s husband is. He tells Susanna that Clara has run off with a man and has put all their children in an orphanage. Susanna can’t believe her sister would such a thing and sets off to find them all.  With the help her aunt and uncle she searches until she finds them.

That is the basic plot line of the story.  A sub-plot is a romance between Susanna and Johann Giere. Johann’s family owns a brewery, which supplies alcohol to the man wanting to open a bar in the town of Westerville, where Susanna is attending college.

Westerville has long been a dry town and they do not welcome the new establishment, and they work to drive it out of town.


I know romance is not my preferred genre, and I am not especially fond of romance that is predictable. I am less fond of romance, or any genre, that has the name “Christian” on it that is as far as the “Christian” theme goes.

I did not like this book. I thought Christians were villainized for not wanting the saloon in town.  Let’s try and forget about Susanna’s sister, Clara, who does have an affair, runs off with a man because she is pregnant with his child. Let’s forget that she leaves her children at an orphanage because she chooses her lover over her children.

I can not give this book any turning pages.


I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.


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