Debt-Proof Your Christmas.

It’s that time between Thanksgiving and the new year. The time when everyone is zeroed in on the next BIG holiday. Of course, I’m talking about Christmas. We’re fully ensconced in the season of gift giving.

Which means we’re also fully ensconced in the season of spending money, lots and lots of money. Often we’re spending in a frenzy, trying frantically to remember what we gave great-Aunt Hilda last year and trying to remember what she gave us so we can be sure to top the monetary value this year. Often though we just can’t remember so we rush to the stores without a plan, nary a thought in our heads about what we have to spend. When our wallets are sadly bereft of cash, it’s no problem, we’ll just whip out Mr. Plastic and let him make our purchases for us.

The only problem with that? When the bill comes in January, Mr. Plastic is sadly quiet and suddenly not quite so nice.

Mary Hunt, financial guru most noted for her no-nonsense approach to digging your way out of a mountain of debt, has written a book on this subject, Debt Proof Your Christmas. As far as “how-to get out of debt” books go, this is really just another one. If’ you’ve read any other book about finances, you could pass this one by.

BUT! This book is worth it’s weight in gold because of the recipes in the back!!  Recipes for holiday gift giving, holiday spiced nuts, slow-cooker sugared nuts, recipes for “Gift in a Jar”, Mocha Mix, Friendship Tea Mix, Cappuccino Mix etc. Worth it’s weight in gold!

So if your finances are on track, but you’re looking for new inexpensive gift ideas, get this book! If you’re finances aren’t on track, but you’re desperately trying to get them there, get this book and make some Christmas gifts. Your house will smell divine and the recipient will get the weight gain. What could be better!!

(I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.)


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