Jake Woods is a reporter. Sunday afternoons are spent with his two lifelong friends, Doc and Finney. Usually at halftime they flip a coin and the loser goes for the pizza. Only on this particular day, the coin actually landed on it’s end, standing up. They decided that meant they should all go for pizza.

Only they don’t all make it. Doc is killed in the crash and Jake is left searching desperately for answers. He sets out to find out who would be so demented as to kill his best friend.  He finds himself caught in a dangerous world of intrigue and mystery unraveling the suspicious accident that caused the death of his friend. But was his friend the intended target? You’ll have to read it to find out.

“Deadline is a dramatic and vivid novel of substance, filled with hope and perspective for every reader who longs to feel purpose in life.”

Randy Alcorn is a masterful story-teller and this book is a prime example of his skill with a pen. It isn’t a new book by any means, released/copyrighted in 1994, but it is a book you’ll want to read. Randy Alcorn weaves the story in such a way the reader can’t help but be drawn into the story and almost lives the story.

We all find we have a little Jake Woods in us. We all want answers to life’s difficult questions. We all struggle to find our purpose in life. And God meets everyone of us, often in places we least expect to find Him.

This is the perfect gift for the mystery lover on your Christmas list. Or may be you’re looking for something to read for yourself. This book won’t disappoint!

I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.


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