I’ve always been a little dizzy

But this is really getting ridiculous. I had grand intentions of blogging a witty blog about who knows what now, but instead I’ve spent the better part of three days dizzy.

I mean dizzy, head spinning dizzy. Not my normal use of dizzy meaning I’m just plain ol’ nuts dizzy.

So I think it might possibly be time to hit up the ol’ doctor, and since my blog automatically updates to facebook and he’s my friend, I want to take this time to say he is old. But not really. I can only call him old because…well because he’s older than I am.

I recently heard that “old” is anyone 20 years older than you and he doesn’t qualify. Well he might be 20 years older than you, but he’s not 20 years older than I am.

I hate going to the doctor. I’d almost rather have toothpicks shoved under my fingernails, brain surgery while I’m wide awake than visit the doctor as a patient. I have no qualms at all going to his office for/with someone else. But if I’m the patient? No thanks, I’ll wait in the car.

Except for the time I had the flu…yeah I was just so miserable I didn’t care.  But being dizzy, it’s really more of an annoyance for me. Annoying because no one wants me driving when my head is spinning.  I had grandiose (isn’t that a fun word to say, grandiose) ideas of taking our house payment to a nearby town, about 30ish minutes away yesterday. Unfortunately I opened my big mouth while Mr. FullCup was home for lunch and shared about my annoyance with being dizzy. He quickly put the kabosh on my driving.

It seems I’ve gotten used to getting out of town every month and since I’ve not traveled to shop at Sams since mid-November I’m going through withdrawal.

While I know my dizziness is probably something simple like sinus trouble (and do I have that in spades or do I have that in spades!) or ear trouble, but we all know my mind has already diagnosed a brain tumor and I’ll be dead in a week.

Which means I miss out on Valentine gifts, birthday gifts and anniversary gifts. So let’s not go there.

While I may not know I don’t have a tumor or any other deadly disease, I do know that I know, that I know that I know ….

One should not teach math when one is dizzy.


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