Of being sleepy and dizzy

I was telling Mr. FullCup last night that I blogged about being dizzy. We came to the conclusion I probably should have read it. But I think instead I’ll read it when I’m not dizzy.

The dizziness is caused by a virus so I can safely mark brain tumor off my list of maladies. And what a relief that is. I was given some medication Antivert to combat the dizziness. My doctor told me one of the small side effects of antivert is it might make me a little dizzy. Which to me is code for, “you’ll take one dose and wake up next Christmas.”

Not that he implied that, not at all. That is what my brain heard. Because you see Tylenol knocks me out cold.  A few years ago I was tired of constantly dealing with allergies, because I’ve been dealing with them all my life. To combat the allergies I would take some OTC children’s non-drowsy Zyrtec.

It knocked me out for a week.  With medication I’ve learned one thing, if it say non-drowsy I’ll be out cold for at least 7 days. If it says a side-effect is drowsiness, I’ll be out for months.

So far with the medication, and I’ve only taken two doses, I’ve become convinced it makes you sleepy so you sleep and forget about being dizzy.

Last night before it knocked me out I was still experiencing dizziness, I just didn’t care. I did sleep like a rock last night though, which really isn’t any different than normal. I also slept a long time.

I’ve been up now for about an hour…and I’m thinking it’s nap time.


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