Entitlement Mentality

Lately it seems the buzzword is Entitlement. Everyone says everyone else has the entitlement mentality. The thought process that says, “I’m entitled to this. And you’re entitled to give it to me. I’m entitled to have everything you have at no cost to me. I deserve it.”

Christians, it seems, are among those who are very quick to point the finger at our fellow humans on planet earth.  The world it seems has a corner on the market on entitlement thinking.  They (the world) want big government and all the accoutrements, perks and freebies that go along with it.

You know, maybe I’m weird but I need look no further than my own mind and heart and see entitlement theory written there. I look at the world around me and think, “I want that! I deserve it! I should have it.”

I know I am not alone in this.  I know that because I need only to look around and see my fellow Christians struggling to keep up with the Joneses.  Christians see what their neighbors have and desire it in their own house or garage. We are buying big screen, HD tvs, smart phones, blue-ray players, wiis (and the like) at frantic rates. We are spending our money on our own desires. We are truly spending money on our pleasures while the offering plate remains empty as it passes us by. We claim we can’t tithe, we can’t give to God’s work because we don’t have the money.

Yet we stand for hours in line when the latest and greatest gadget comes out. We plunk down hard earned money, or if we lack the cash, we whip out Mr. Plastic. We fail to count the true cost, not only to our bank account but to our actual beings.

A huge percentage of Christians are in debt up to their eyeballs and beyond. They’re struggling to make the minimum payments. They’re using American Express to pay off Visa and Mastercard. They’ve discovered all the cash back offers on discover really don’t pan out.

Yet they won’t attend a financial seminar because someone might think they have a debt problem.  Or they think it’s hopeless. Or they think they’ll have to change their thinking and their actions.  They want their toys, they are entitled to them.

We want the things our parents and grandparents worked and saved for years to buy. Only we want it now. Our own home? Just give it to me now. A new car? I’ll take the latest model and drive it off the lot, thank you. My grandparents did that and I deserve it too.

Not me. Every day I am thankful I don’t get what I deserve. I deserve death. I don’t deserve my next breath. But God granted it.

The Bible says we are to be content with food and clothing (1 Timothy 6:8). It doesn’t say we are to be content if we can eat at The Olive Garden every week, we are to be content only if we eat out every day, or dine on a steady diet of steak and caviar. It doesn’t say we’re supposed to be content only if we get new clothes every day, if we can dress in the latest trends and styles. We are to be content with food and clothing. If we eat, as Dave Ramsey says, “rice and beans, beans and rice”, if we live on ramen noodles and hot dogs, we are to be content.

Not only that, we are to be content with what we are given. We are not to look around at our neighbor’s and think, “I’d be content if I had what they have!”

That, my friend, is coveting. And coveting is a sin.

Would you break into your neighbor’s house and steal what you think you rightly deserve? Would you rob a bank? Would you break into a store and take what you want but can’t afford? No?

Then why do we rob God? Yes! We rob God. Every time we fail to bring the whole offering into the storehouse. Every time we say “I can’t afford to give” when the offering plate is passed in church, we rob God.

Do we give in church because God needs the money? No, He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Do we give because the church needs the money? No. Although they do! We give so we can be blessed by God.

You want and end to your debt problem Give. Give to God. And He will pour so much blessing on your head you won’t be able to stand it or stand up. You will live on your knees in gratefulness. You will find yourself wanting….no needing to give more.  You will find your debt problem isn’t a problem anymore because you have no more debt.

Try Him and see.

(Malachi 3:6-12)


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