Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love

Dorothy Love has done it again. She has written a historical romance novel that I like!

Every Perfect Gift is the next  book in the “A Hickory Ridge Romance” series. This book is the story of  Sophie Caldwell and Ethan Heyward.

Sophie is unsure of her lineage and is the adopted daughter of Wyatt and Ada Caldwell. She has returned to Hickory Ridge to reopen the Gazette newspaper office.  Sparks fly when she prints an editorial about a ruckus at the Blue Smoke Lodge.  As is typical of romance novels, sparks fly and then feelings fly and romance happens.

Both Ethan and Sophie meet and forge a relationship from places of pain and a need to hide. Sophie is hiding her supposed ethnicity and pain of being an orphan.

What will she do when a strange woman knocks her door at the boarding house claiming she is Sophie’s mother? Will it change Sophie at all? Will she believe the woman? What will, or what can she learn from the encounter?

Ethan Heyward wants to hide from a tragedy in his past. He longs to forget it happened, to bury it forever but when his half-brother shows up, Ethan realizes he must face his past so he can finally learn the truth. And the truth sets not only him free, it also sets Julian, his half brother free.

I love that my pre-teen girls could pick this up and read it.   They are both voracious readers read well above their grade level. I love that there is nothing in these books that make me cringe.

Don’t you love the cover art? It looks Christmas-y, but it’s not a Christmas book!  This is the perfect book to read on a cold, snowy day when you’re curled up under a blanket and just want a good, feel-good story to get lost in!


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.


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