I still Believe by Jeremy Camp

Music has long been a vital part of my life. I was just telling my girls earlier today that at one time you could ask me for the artist or title of any song on Christian radio and I could probably tell you. For some I might even be able to tell you what album the song is on and sometimes even which side of cassette.   I owned around 500 cassettes at one time.

Since I’ve been an adult and busy with life and all being a Momma entails, I don’t have time to listen like I once did. Also, I’ll admit it’s just noise pollution to me. Sometimes Momma needs quiet. Mr. FullCup though is different. He lives Christian music, he plays it frequently. Of course he does, it’s his job as the music dictator…errr director and Program Director of our local Christian radio station.

In his job he is very familiar with Jeremy Camp’s music.  He knows Jeremy is not the son of Steve, which I thought when I first heard his name.  Since I am not as into the Christian music scene anymore, I wasn’t all that familiar with Jeremy’s music, much less so his story.

He wrote a book for people like me.  It is entitled I still Believe, A  Memoir. I find it a little funny that a man younger than I am is writing a memoir. But I am so thankful he did! His story is one of sin, failure, and a great big God.  It’s the story of gain, of loss, of great gain. It’s a story of Grace, redemption and forgiveness.  He very easily could have called the book, “Grace Restored”.

If you’ve ever wondered about the story behind some of Jeremy Camp’s songs, get this book. He shares the circumstances surrounding some of his songs. All of the them were written after a time of great interaction with the Savior.

Jeremy Camp is more than a great voice, more than a pretty face. He is a child of God. His greatest desire is not for wealth and fame of Jeremy Camp but of God. He desires to be used and he is greatly used.

If you want to be challenged in your walk with Jesus, read this book. If you want to see if God can take something painful and use it for Him and His glory, read this book.

But before you rush out to buy it, you might want to check to see if it has released yet! Release date is February 2013. Or just check this out,   www.jeremycamp.com/IStillBelieve.

I received a free copy of the book I Still Believe, A memoir by Jeremy Camp for free from the publisher, Tyndale House, for the purpose of review. 


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