A New Home for Lily by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Susanne Woods Fisher

(From my 10-year old)

This book is awesome! However the one part I didn’t like was the cover. It wasn’t as well done as the other one, or maybe  I am just a bit more picky. I don’t know for sure.  But the book itself is a very good one.

Lily Lapp moves to a new home and with come lots of adventures. But Lily must watch out for the nasty Aaron Yoder and the persnickety Eve Kuffman. But when Aaron goes missing, is Lily the only person who can find him?

In this book Lily not only moves and has a lot of fun times, she gets a new baby brother, as nice as he is she still really wants a little sister.

Once Lily’s friend Beth, says that if you look in a mirror when the clock strikes midnight, you will see what you will look like in your coffin. And so Lily starts turning her mirror around when she goes to sleep. But one night she forgot and see herself  now. So she tells her mother and finds out it was just a superstition.

I think girls of any age will enjoy this book, it is a page turner for sure. I give it five turning pages.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.


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