It is Valentine’s Day. The day everyone thinks of love, their one great love, the ones they love. It’s the day for flowers, candy.

Last year on this auspicious day, I found two dollars in my pocket. And I felt blessed. I knew I had probably left them in their and forgot about it but it was still a moment of Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

This morning I was taking my girlies out for breakfast to celebrate the day, I opened my purse to be assured my wallet was indeed in there. I’ve had to start doing that because too many times I’ve gotten to the store or wherever, open my purse only to find out my wallet is missing. I noticed a dollar was loose in my purse. So I took it out, noticed the amount and started to put it in my wallet.

When I stopped in surprise. You see it was the same dollar amount I knew was already in my wallet and that one was still in there. So now I had twice as much money as I thought I had.  I sent Mr. FullCup a text to see if by chance he had put money IN my purse. He has been known to take it out on occasion, but it’s Valentine’s Day and you just never know.

It wasn’t him.

So if it wasn’t him. Who was it? It wasn’t the girls. I know that. You see it was a fifty dollar bill and they don’t have any.

I just love unexpected blessings.  In my mind this is my Valentine from Jesus.  I love Him!


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