Of Manners and Cute Boys

Or “Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just not taught.”

My children help out at our local MOPS meetings with the MOPPETS program. This past Tuesday as I was waiting in the hall for my youngest to  be done, a little boy peeked around the door at me.  I can almost promise you I had never seen a cuter little two-year old boy in all my life.  I smiled and said “hi”, he pulled his head back in the room after shooting me a killer grin.

When his mom arrived to pick him up, I told her I thought her boy was incredibly cute. She expressed her gratitude and then said to the boy, “Can you shake her hand?”  I thought it was a strange request of her to make, most momma’s have their children give hugs. The little boy stuck out his hand, so I, of course, did the same. We shook hands and then his Momma said, “Now what do you do?”

I,of course was at a complete loss for words. What do you do after shaking hands? He was not unaware, he knew exactly what she meant, and he ever so gently turned my hand over and placed the sweetest, softest kiss on the back of my hand.

His Momma told me they were teaching him how to treat girls. And I think that’s fine, mighty fine indeed.

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