Jesus Is____________ (by Judah Smith)

Do ever wonder just who or what Jesus is? Apart from being God, that is. Or maybe you don’t even believe that. We’ve all been told for an eternity who Jesus is, but do we believe it?

Or a better question, have we been told the truth? Have other people spoken the truth, either through words or their actions, of who Jesus is? Have our life experiences marred our vision of the truth of Jesus?

Does what we believe about who and what Jesus is line up with what He truly is? Does it reflect a Biblical view of Him? To worship Him as anything less or other than who/what He is, is idolatry. And a cryin’ shame!

Yet we all do it. We all allow our life’s circumstances, our biological family, our church family, our society, our peers, our past to twist who Jesus is. We end up believing a big fat lie about Him. We think “the fear of the Lord” is not so hard because we’re freaking scared to death of Him. We are so frightened He will strike us dead at any moment when we don’t live perfectly.

That is so not true. And maybe on the surface we know that it’s not true, but if we dig a little below the surface it is what we believe and live out every day. I know I’m guilty of that.

Jesus Is_______ by pastor Judah Smith will revolutionize your thinking about a cosmic God who desires your failure so He can punish your misdeeds. You will find in the pages not a God of wrath, not a God intent on our harm, but a God acquainted with our frailties. A God who lavishes grace upon grace.

Because we deserve it or can earn it? Absolutely not! Because of His great love for us. Not our great love for Him because honestly, we aren’t that good at loving God. We fail miserably. At least I do.

In the pages of this book you will see that Jesus Is Your friend. Jesus is Grace. Jesus is the Point. Jesus is Happy (so you can be too!!!). Jesus is Here. And Jesus is Alive (and He died to make you alive too!! Want to get a life? Get Jesus!)

I’ve been taking pictures of passages from this book for a few days and I’m sure all my facebook, twitter and instagram followers are quite sick of it. It’s just that good. It’s revolutionary. There isn’t anything in this book I hadn’t heard before but this time it sunk in. This time I get it.

This time I understand that while I accept God’s free gift of salvation, it is a smack to His face when I then, try to earn it by my own good works. My being good, my doing good works will not make Him love me more, and the opposite is true also, my being bad, my doing bad things will not make Him love me less. It’s impossible.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.


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