A day in the life

English: Bear Grylls in front of an Alaska Air...

English: Bear Grylls in front of an Alaska Air National Guard, 210th Rescue Squadron HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter before heading out to Spencer Glacier to film Man vs. Wild (Born Survivor). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have pulled the  plug on my facebook account for a week. I, obviously, have not given up all technology and the internet during this week, but still this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and blog. I’ve been busy yet my house sure doesn’t show it.

Tuesday was my forty-something birthday. Yes, Mr. FullCup did announce to all who tuned into his radio station just what my actual age is, but I’m not spilling the beans.  It was a good day, aside from him telling the known world how old I am. (And please, if you’re reading this and know, please, DO NOT inform anyone and everyone who might not be privy to that knowledge.) I managed to get a decent run in, nothing remotely like what I was running a few years ago, but decent nonetheless. Then it was time to open gifts. From Mr. FullCup I received the final 3 seasons of I Love Lucy, from Goober, WOW Hits 2013 (which makes me wonder, if we’re only not quite three months into 2013 how do they know what the hits of 2013 will be???) and from Beanie, an 8-cup food processor.

I’ve started watching food documentaries, which can be both good and bad. Bad because I get quite irritated by the lies the food industry and our own government tell us. And we, the American people, are being so snowed!  We’re like sheep led to the slaughter. Sigh. I better move on to the good part because I’m getting irritated all over again. The good because we’ve started eating more fruits and veggies. Now we’ve always been a huge fan of fruit and some of my family (like 3/4…I’m the lone hold out) like veggies. I think they’re a bit daft but oh well.

In this vein I’ve started making fruit and veggies smoothies…with my blender. Which works okay but not at all like the food processor. I’ve added a variety of fruit. Apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, and pears. The veggies: spinach, alfalfa sprouts, celery (DON’T Add that. It’s nasty), and carrots. I’m game to try one with green pepper. I think that would be tasty.

This morning I ran 5 miles in under an hour! WAHOO!!!! A friend told me recently that I only had the illusion of speed ( I realized later I should have responded with something along the lines of “Yeah, well I’m lapping you!” but I didn’t think fast enough that time). I still think being in my mid-40s and running a 10:30 mile isn’t too shabby.

Yesterday I declared a “sun day”. Not Sunday…the first day of the week. And not Sundae the ice cream treat. But a “sun” day. We’ve not had any snow days at all, and really since we home-school we don’t usually take them. But yesterday was entirely too nice to stay inside doing school. I managed a 2.6 mile walk in the morning, cleaned out my front flower beds (which reminds me I still need to get the debris off the driveway), walked to our library, and then spent the afternoon/evening reading and watching Man Vs. Wild.

Have you seen that show? We’re big fans…except when he eats something completely disgusting. We watched an episode yesterday in which he (he=Bear Grylls) killed a skunk and ate it after he roasted it over an open fire. He said it tasted like meat rolled in dog poop. And he continued to eat it. Not me. I’d have spit it out at the first bite. I know I know. When you’re in the wild you take what you can get and and you don’t throw a fit but I think I’d rather starve.



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