(This kind of ties in with my earlier post.)

A few months ago I was selected to take part in a survey about first hand faith vs. secondhand faith. You know, firsthand faith is faith that is your own, secondhand faith is someone else’s faith, maybe your parents, pastors, youth pastors, or anyone.

The survey was about how you have or haven’t made your faith your own. I don’t remember specific questions, but I do remember it came at a time I was struggling, not necessarily with making my faith my own, but just really thinking what I believed about certain things. Did I believe the right things? Did I really believe in God? I did believe in Him but I wanted to believe the truth about Him and not some preconceived ideals I had about Him.

The authors of the survey, Ryan and Josh Shook, took the survey results and incorporated the answers into a new book, FirstHand, Ditching SecondHand religion for a Faith of your own. I have not yet been privileged to read the whole book but I was sent a link to read the first chapter.

Let me tell you, it was good! The brothers went through a time of deep searching. They had been raised in the church, saw authentic faith lived out by two very human parents who tried to instill in them a love for Jesus and His people. They were leaders in their youth group. They looked like the classic perfect Christians, but inside they felt something was missing. They wanted more from life and was sure there was more to be had.

They tried living a different life, a life apart from faith and found it only made the internal issues worse instead of better. So they researched Christianity. They looked intently into Jesus, was He who He said He was? Was He what everyone else said He was? Just who was He? In the book, they share their journey to realizing He was exactly who He said He was.

If you are struggling, or know someone who is, with knowing just what to believe, what is true about Jesus, this book is for you!

Here’s the first chapter.


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