Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic

Photo courtesy of http://africanspotlight.com

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs and he does not let that stop him from ministering to others. He travels the world offering hope and encouragement to everyone he comes in contact with. He has not let his limitations stop him from being all that God created him to be. He puts his faith into action and is Unstoppable. Which is the title of one of his books released in 2012. In its pages he shares his story.

It is a story of overcoming odds. Of using the talents, abilities and gifts God has given him to minister to others.  He has subtitled this book, “The Incredible Power of Faith in Action” and he is a man who puts his faith into action every day.  He says “Being born without arms and legs was not God’s way of punishing me. I know that now. I have come to realize that this “disability” would actually  heighten my ability to serve His purpose as a speaker and evangelist.”

This book is the story of using the talents, abilities and even handicaps (and honestly who doesn’t have one?) for God’s glory. It’s realizing that God makes no mistakes and that He can and does use anyone. Even those we think are unlikely candidates for service, even when we ourselves feel we are disqualified or non-qualify-able. Yes I just made that up.

Throughout the pages of this book I kept asking myself “what is your excuse?” Sadly I could come up with none that were good enough. I have all of my limbs, yet I still struggle to fully embrace the life God has planned for me. I struggle, as I’m sure most people do, with serving God despite our seemingly insurmountable odds.

If you need to be inspired to live a life fully devoted to the God who died so you might live read this book. You will be inspired and encouraged to embrace the life God has for you. Then go out and serve Him well.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.



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