gods at War by Kyle Idleman

Do idols still exist today? In Western culture? We all know about the idols in India and Japan but what about right here in America? Do they exist in Christian circles? Do believers worship idols?

from kobobooks.com

Kyle Idleman maintains that we do. And I’d have to agree. We don’t have large gold buddhas in our living rooms that we bow down to every day at 3pm. But we do bow down to idols. We worship money, sex, fame, romance, love, family, achievement and the list goes on.

He soft-shoes on our toes in his attempt to get us to recognize our own idols. He speaks with grace. A pastor friend of mine says, “Truth without love is harsh, love without truth is wishy-washy.” This book is neither harsh nor wishy-washy. He speaks the truth with grace, love and humor.

It isn’t an easy book to read. Not that it’s a hard book to read, in fact it’s a very easy read except for the subject matter. It’s not easy at all to read about the idols in our lives. It’s not easy to read that we all worship something other than Jesus.

As he says in the book it’s easy to see someone else’s idols and not so much our own. It’s easy to see a businessman and conclude he worships the gods of money, fame, and achievement. While it’s not quite that easy to see that we worship the same gods. Or maybe our gods are different.

Kyle saves one god for last. The last chapter is devoted to the god of “me”. He says our worship of other gods all boils down to our worship of me. Not me the blog writer, but the me that lives in each one of us. He says: “The foundation of reality is there is one God and you are not Him.” We’ve all heard it before but I wonder how much we actually believe it. I say that because every time we set something else up as god in our life, we are saying in essence, “I am god” and we worship a god we create which equates to a worship of self.

This book is a must read for every Christian today. You will be challenged. You will be challenged to be better, to worship God more.  You will be challenged to find out who God is so you can worship Him as He demands.  When we do this we will find He is God enough. We will find peace, joy but more importantly the life we’ve always wanted, abundant and full. We will see all other gods as nothing more than slave masters, joy stealers, life takers not givers.

Check out this link to be graced with a Matt Bayless song used in the book. http://www.godsatwar.com/index.php/be-still

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.


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