Rescuing Hope by Susan Norris

Every day in our world people, mainly girls and women, are sold into slavery. Most of them are sold into sexual slavery. A slavery they will more than likely never be released from. This is a horrible fact and one that I wish were not true.  Many people are working tirelessly to eradicate this travesty.

In hopes of adding to the growing publicity with the desire to stamp out modern-day slavery, Susan Norris has written a novel. Rescuing Hope is that novel.

Rescuing Hope is the story of Hope, a young girl who is raped by men hired by her mother to move them.  This sends her spiraling downward in despair. Despair makes her vulnerable to men who prey on women who are weak and not thinking clearly.  She is almost unknowingly sold into prostitution.  This is her story.

I hate that women are treated this way. I hate it. Hate doesn’t even seem to be a strong enough word.  I believe we do need to raise awareness that this happens even in our country. This is not an issue for developing countries only. It happens right here in America. I have heard the Super Bowl is on the biggest venues for sex trafficking.

I am not sure this book, however, is the way it should be done. It reads very much like the old John Benton novels about runaway girls who turn to prostitution.  Only more graphic. It’s not *that* graphic, but it is definitely more graphic than I want my girls, who are the ages this book is geared towards, to read.

I can not recommend this book.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. The opinions are mine alone.


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