Did you know?

I learned something last night from my 12-year old. Something I had never heard before. I’m in a real quandary as to just how I could live this long on earth, over 4 decades long, without knowing this.

Let me preface this by saying we do not live in Texas. We have never lived in Texas and have not, in fact, even visited Texas. I’ve heard about Texas but it is one of those places I’ve never been and if I were to be completely honest, I’m not sure I’d want to visit.

Anyway, back to my “did you know…”

Did you know if it’s not in Texas it must be in Africa?

Apparently that is true. At least as far as my geographically challenged 12-year old understands life.

Let me explain…maybe. Yesterday we received a letter from a friend of ours who will be traveling to El Salvador this summer on a missions trip. My 10-year old wanted to know where El Salvador was and since I’ve decided to take all the teaching moments I can, I waxed eloquent on the subject.

In short I told her to go look it up.  As she was heading for the encylopedia her sister  told her it was in Texas. I told them both it was most definitely not in Texas and I was secretly very proud she had the proper direction right. The 12-year old quickly told me “well, I’ve learned if it’s not in Texas it must be in Africa.” Apparently  the world consists of Texas and Africa.

I told her to go look it up. She discovered El Salvador is indeed in Central America. This prompted a quick geography lesson on the American continent. We started with North America. I had her point north of us  to tell me what three countries comprised North America. She pointed north (okay with a little help from me) and said, “Canada.”

Next I had her point down, meaning where we are living. She promptly did so and said proudly, “Africa!”

Sigh. I have my work cut out for me.


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