Humble Orthodoxy By Josh Harris


Humble Orthodoxy, Holding the Truth High without Putting People Down by Josh Harris is more than a timely word. It was a book that needed to be written.

The premise of the book came from his book, Dug Down Deep. The final chapter of that book was titled “Humble Orthodoxy” and it seems the readers were not shy about telling Josh that was their favorite chapter in the book and needed to be expounded on and given a book all its own. He,of course, obliged. Or maybe it was when Jon Piper told him to write a book on the subject.

Josh Harris, with a healthy dose of love and grace, seasoned with compassion, writes about the Christians need to be orthodox without being a jerk. We are to uphold the truth of Scripture without beating others about the head with it.

So many times we are either wishy-washy in regards to the truth of the Word because we don’t want to offend the world. Or we’re so convinced of our right-ness and their wrongness that we act like angry jerks.

Josh uses 2 Timothy as the text, or basis for this book. It works well. Paul was both staunchly enamored with the truth and was willing to die to defend it. He was not one to mince words with truth. But he was also full of love for all people.  We need to be the same way.

The book is just four little chapters, a total of 61 pages. But don’t let it’s small size fool you. It’s power packed full of goodness.  I think it could have well been a lot longer and the ideas expounded on even more. But as it is, it’s a quick enough read you can read every few days. It does come with a study guide in the back with questions to answer, a prayer and an action step to perform. I think this would work well for a short 4-week Bible study.

The book is small, both in volume and height. I am not sure I would have paid $10 for a copy. Unless I had read it first. Then I would know it is worth every penny.

I’ll leave you with my favorite line from the book. This one simply jumped off the page at me.

We are not those who are right; we are those who have been redeemed.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.


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