Cafe Chocolate…Where Women Delight in God’s Grace

All of this comes in the kit!

All of this comes in the kit!

What woman doesn’t like chocolate? I know there are some out there but for the most part women love chocolate. Maybe at some times more than others but for the most part we all think chocolate is  our friend.

Speaking of friends, we all also love our friends. What is better than chocolate with good friends? Especially if you’re meeting your friends over chocolate and God’s Word. We all like that.

We all need that. Just like we all need Grace, God’s grace but also grace from other people. We also need to extend that grace to others, but it is only when we are fully aware of the grace lavished on us can we extend it to those around us.

Group Publishing has come out with a “Retreat-In-A-Box” that incorporates all of the above. Cafe Chocolate is a new retreat “where women delight in God’s Grace”.  The Director’s Kit has everything you will need to put on a top-notch retreat for the women of your church, community, or Bible study group.

It is not “video-driven”, but you don’t have to be a super-talented speaker to make your retreat a great one. Group provides everything you need to say.

Session 1 is on God’s grace is Extravagant. Other sessions teach us that God’s grace is for our friends, our enemies, people we don’t know yet. Session three is special in that it is a service project.

There is a leader guide for your worship leader or if you don’t have one you can just sing along with the music CD.  The music CD is a good mix of peppy songs and slower songs. All of them are ones you probably sing in church.

This retreat would work great in any format, one day, weekend or even stretched out over a week.  Or you could even tailor it to fit any need and time slot you might have.

I look forward to the possibility of doing it at my own church.


(I received a free Director’s Kit from the publisher for the purpose of review.)


3 thoughts on “Cafe Chocolate…Where Women Delight in God’s Grace

  1. Monica martin says:

    Our church is trying to put this particular retreat on and we received a kit that was missing several of the session guides. Do you still have your directors kit and are willing to part with it? Hope to hear from you very soon.

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